HEMA Weekly

What’s up in Historical Fencing Upcoming event: Mid-Continental HEMA Open (MCHO) Event report: European games 2019 in Minsk This week’s craftsman: Poker Armory by Jerzy Ożóg This week’s video: Cutting with spears by Schola Gladiatoria This week’s blogpost: First impressions of Hema by Fat Hussar In this summary I include not only current news, but also…

Riding in a Medieval Cloak

Jason continues Talos’ training, this time using a medieval cloak. Credits: Talos Direction, Camera, Sound, Editing Kasumi Presenter Jason Kingsley OBE Tweets by RebellionJason Tweets by ModernHistoryTV Tweets by Rebellion Music licensed from PremiumBeat.

Building A Bark Canoe In 12 Hours? – Elm Bark Canoe Part 2

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Crusader Era Daggers

A look at Crusader era daggers from 1070 through to 1450 using 3 examples from the Tod Cutler range. https://todcutler.com/collections/medieval-daggers-and-large-knives The surprisingly acceptable broken back seat, the antenna quill dagger and the cruciform quill dagger. If you are interested in budget, but excellent medieval knives have a look at www.todcutler.com and if you are interested…