The creepiest objects at the Royal Armouries

With Halloween approaching, we uncover some of the more ghoulish items in the Royal Armouries collection, including instruments of torture and punishment, relics of fearsome ancient folklore and macabre depictions of tales most horrid. Where to find us: ⚔Website: ⚔Blog: ⚔Facebook: ⚔Twitter: The Royal Armouries is the United Kingdom’s national collection…

Recreating a 500 year old helmet for our jousting tournament

2020 celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Field of Cloth of Gold, the single largest and most expensive summit-meeting-cum-sporting-event of the sixteenth century, staged just south of Calais between King Henry VIII and the French King, Francis I. To celebrate this important anniversary, the Royal Armouries is commissioning a replica of a 500 year old…

Royal Armouries answering questions about jousting

Ahead of our annual International Jousting Tournament, we asked for your jousting and medieval tournament related questions. Our knight in residence (and Assistant Curator), Scot Hurst has all the answers. Where to find us: ⚔Website: ⚔Blog: ⚔Facebook: ⚔Twitter: The Royal Armouries is the United Kingdom’s national collection of arms and armour.…

Battle Merchant Logo


Battle-Merchant, store for reenactment and LARP, is on the battlefield since 2002. We supply history, from ancient Greek to late medieval, from decoration to full contact battle. We have more than 6000 products in stock, shipping worldwide. Browse through all kinds of living history and reenactment equipment like chain mail, swords, helmets, armour, mead, drinking…

Celtic WebMerchant

Celtic WebMerchant

Celtic WebMerchant VOF is an international retailer and wholesaler of historical reproductions and replicas for Living History, re-enactment, education and LARP. With an assortment of 15.000 items we are world’s one-stop history supplier. Website: E-mail address: Facebook:

Annie the Pedlar - Market

Annie the Pedlar

Annie the Pedlar sells the small things needed for Tudor life. Braids, ties, buttons, brass hooks and aiglets, bags and baskets, toys and games, hats and coifs, ruffs and falling bands. She can also travel through time to make costumes and accessories from any era. Website: Email:

Sidesword everett - Armour Class

Armour Class

Iain Bowden, swordsmith at Armour Class, started the company in Glasgow, Scotland over 20 years ago and produces swords and matching leather work for re-enactment, HEMA, museums, films and collections. Swords are made of EN45 and manufactured in Scotland. Official website: Facebook page: Tel.: +44-(0)-0141-951-2262 Email: