Ask the Sword Guy episode 9-14

On Solo Training, and training with disabilities   Germans v Italians   Rapier dimensions, asymmetry, preparing for freeplay   Knights, katanas (again!), HMB, and a pattern welded longsword   What to do with a Million Dollars, training for Freeplay, et al   On Tournaments and other topics.

British Samurai Bayonets – 1907 Pattern & Arisaka

There is a connection between WW1 era British bayonets and Japanese samurai swords and knives that most people don’t know about. Here we look at the 1907 pattern British bayonet and its inspiration the Type 30 Arisaka. Extra videos on Patreon:

The Ultimate Guide: Custom Katana & 58 Legendary Swordsmiths

Purchasing a custom Katana cannot be exactly categorized under “regular” purchases. But, you will be surprised to know that there are abundant choices available. Hence, in this article today, I will be exploring some of the best custom Katana makers in the market at present. What is a Katana, a famous Samurai Sword? Katana: Does…

Fighting a longstick

Various native forms of stick fighting including: Singlestick (British) Greatstick (British) Jogo do Pau (Portuguese) Juego del Palo (Spanish) Makila (Basque) Bastone Siciliano (Sicilian) Scherma de Bastone (Italian) Stockfechten (German) La Canne (French) Bâton Français (French) Bataireacht (Irish) Shillelagh (Irish). […] Examples of arts involving longsticks include Hutton’s Greatstick, Jogo do Pau, Juego del Palo,…