Conserving Mail Armour with Scarlett Parry

Scarlett Parry discusses her time here at the Royal Armouries Museum and her experiences conserving the arms and armour in our collection, looking specifically at her work on mail shirts. Subscribe to our channel for more videos about arms and armour ⚔Website: ⚔Blog: ⚔Facebook: ⚔Twitter: We are the Royal Armouries, the…

ARROWS vs ARMOUR – Medieval Myth Busting reply on St. Cripin’s Day!

Thrand test historical English Longbows / warbows on Historical plate and maille armour in honour of the battle of Agincourt1415 Oct 25th St. Crispin’s Day! This is a reply to Tod’s Workshop ARROWS vs ARMOUR Medieval Myth Busting one of the best Plate harness test to date on 15th century armour. Thrand uses Two longsbows…

Seax - Kalcifer Forge

Kalcifer Forge

Married coupe – manufacturers of knives and other weapons: historical, modern and fantasy-style. Facebook page: Kuźnia Kalcifer Seax – Kalcifer Forge Bowie Knife – Kalcifer Forge Seax – Kalcifer Forge Sheepsfoot knife – Kalcifer Forge   A film about Kalcifer Forge’s owners: Adela & Igor Alagierski (English subs) - logo

Polish group that connects crafting and selling reenactment accesories with organising living history events and also cooperation with museum and filmmakers as items provider. They are concerned with history from ancient Rome to II World War. Main website: Facebook news: Shop:

Battle Merchant Logo


Battle-Merchant, store for reenactment and LARP, is on the battlefield since 2002. We supply history, from ancient Greek to late medieval, from decoration to full contact battle. We have more than 6000 products in stock, shipping worldwide. Browse through all kinds of living history and reenactment equipment like chain mail, swords, helmets, armour, mead, drinking…

Celtic WebMerchant

Celtic WebMerchant

Celtic WebMerchant VOF is an international retailer and wholesaler of historical reproductions and replicas for Living History, re-enactment, education and LARP. With an assortment of 15.000 items we are world’s one-stop history supplier. Website: E-mail address: Facebook:

Kazar bazar

Kazár Bazár

Kazár Bazár is supplier of medieval patterned silk products. Our main aim is to reconstruct Early Medieval silk patterns what are suitable for garment reconstruction in the reeanctment or for musem display. Henceforth Kazár Bazár provides othes merchandise, such as chainmail products, helmets or custom made pouches. The website gives place for a know-how blog…