Latchet Crossbow – rapid fire historical crossbow

This style of crossbow was popular in Northern England and Southern Scotland around 1600 and was reputedly used by Border Reivers as a self defence weapon. 280lbs draw weight lever action crossbow giving a rate of ‘fire’ of one every 10 seconds. If you are interested in custom historical replicas have a look at…

Medieval Hay Making

Jason discusses the importance of the medieval hay harvest, what it meant for the medieval peasant and how it was done. Credits: Direction, Camera, Sound, Editing Kasumi Presenter Jason Kingsley OBE Tweets by RebellionJason Tweets by ModernHistoryTV Tweets by Rebellion Music licensed from PremiumBeat.

Viking Women Clothing: Aprondress

This article focuses on the garment that was worn by Viking women together with the characteristic oval brooches. While it has been called many things by researchers over the years (e.g. trägerrock and hängerock), I will use what is currently thought to be the old Norse name for the garment (Ewing 2006, p. 37), namely…

The Secrets Behind Ink In The 18th Century – Historical Writing Series Part 2

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