Backdrop of the Tournament Gallery at the British Royal Armouries

It’s Maintenance Week at the museum! Our amazing maintainers have been working hard in the Tournament Gallery to ensure our collections are looked after to the highest standards. Join us for a peak behind the scenes. Where to find us: ⚔Website: ⚔Blog: ⚔Facebook: ⚔Twitter: The Royal Armouries is the United Kingdom’s…

Recreating a 500 year old helmet for our jousting tournament

2020 celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Field of Cloth of Gold, the single largest and most expensive summit-meeting-cum-sporting-event of the sixteenth century, staged just south of Calais between King Henry VIII and the French King, Francis I. To celebrate this important anniversary, the Royal Armouries is commissioning a replica of a 500 year old…

Sailor Rations – Stockfish Aboard Ship

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The store has replicas of historical uniforms and equipment from other manufacturers. The offer is addressed to history enthusiasts, reconstruction groups, film studios, theaters, museums and other entities that require historical uniforms faithfully reflecting the realities of the era from which they originate. Main page: Facebook news: - logo

Polish group that connects crafting and selling reenactment accesories with organising living history events and also cooperation with museum and filmmakers as items provider. They are concerned with history from ancient Rome to II World War. Main website: Facebook news: Shop: