Gladiator types & how the movie got it so wrong

Signup for your FREE trial to The Great Courses Plus here: The main types of Roman gladiator that were used in gladiatorial games at the time of the movie and how the Ridley Scott/Russel Crowe movie ‘Gladiator’ got it so utterly wrong. Channel support and 3 extra videos per month on Patreon: Facebook…

Why Bladed Weapons Continued Being Developed By Modern World Armies & Navies

Why did late-19th and 20th century military and navy organisations continue developing bladed and close combat weapons, as well as issuing and training their troops with them? It’s not all about killing statistics, but being prepared, tactics and the few exceptions that made it worth it. Extra videos on Patreon:

Medieval Battle Axes! with Thor’s Forge 14th Century Replica

Battle axes, of the one-handed variety, were popular from the Viking era onwards, but with the addition of rear spikes and other adaptations they saw a resurgence of popularity in the heavily armoured periods of the middle ages, particularly from the 13th century. Thor’s Forge:

Honing Your Longhunter Trekking Kit

Ellen Rice went on a camping trip last winter. She was given little to no information on the terrain, location, and time-frame of the trip. This is her first experience like this, and she is going out into the wilderness with nothing but the 18th century gear she carries with her. Visit Our Website! ➧…