Knight’s Weekly

What’s up in Middle Ages Reenactment Upcoming events:  8. Erstürmung des mittelalterlichen Weihnachtsmarktes El Dragón Dorado Noc válečníků 17 Event report: Medieval Battle, kingdom come deliverance IRL, reenactment, Battle of Mästerby, gotland sweden 2019 Sarasota Medieval Fair 2019 – Let the Dangerous Games begin! Opening Day – Full Tour & Review This week’s craftsman: GoHurt…

Viking’s Weekly

What’s up in Early Medieval Reenactment Upcoming events: Yule 2019 – grand camp privé du solstice d’hiver, venez nombreux Event reports: Viking Warriors Re-enactment | Walsworth Festival 2019 | WryngWyrm Gippeswyc viking festival 2019 This week’s craftsman: Kram Liwocz This week’s videos: Viking Age Forged in Fire Competition Dane Axe vs Cavalry? Gallowglass Donegal Axe…

Battle of Austerlitz Documentary & Napoleon’s Muskets – Great Battles Review

The Discovery History series Great Battles covers the Battle of Austerlitz in the second season. Unfortunately, they made some very misleading statements about the Charleville muskets used by Napoleon’s army. Let’s have a look at their errors in this video. Extra videos on Patreon:

A Wonderful Struggle: The 16th Century Art of Civic Combat, Part 2

The procession arrives at the square. Publicans erects their tents and tap their barrels. Musicians collect into bands, and other performers wander the incoming crowd. Dominating the center of the square is a square fence, large enough to host several pairs of fencers at once. Spectators gather while fencers warm up. The host, known throughout…

The Roman Spear and Shield used together – Triarii

The Roman shield (scutum) is most famously paired with the sword (gladius), but they were commonly paired with the spear in the earlier and later periods. Here we have a little look at the Roman shield and spear used together.

Prussian M1811 ‘Blücher’ Sabre vs British 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre

The Prussian M1811 ‘Blücher’ sabre is often mistaken for the British 1796 light cavalry sabre. Here we take a look at the Prussian sword and see why Napoleon called the British a ‘nation of shop keepers’. Extra videos on Patreon:

Napoleonic British Spadroons: Was the 1796 an IMPROVEMENT on what went before?

The British Army 1796 pattern spadroon (infantry officer’s sword) is often criticized, but how did it differ to what went before and was it worse, or actually an improvement? Extra videos on Patreon:

AGINCOURT – Medieval Myth Busting

We know a great deal about the Battle of Agincourt; but is what we know true? The battle of Agincourt has been depicted in plays, literature and films for generations. Each re-telling adding another layer to the myths, Laurence Olivier, Kenneth Branagh and most recently, 2019 The King, starring Timothée Chalamet. The Battle of Agincourt…