Introduction: Bâton Français

The baton was systematized in France during the 1800s and during the mid 1850s baton practice was one aspect of a gymnastics curriculum for French soldiers established at the Joinville military academy. Practice with baton was also popular in 19th century Savate salles. It is likely the baton was popular among various 19th century European…

Introduction: Jogo do Pau

Jogo do Pau (very roughly, ‘game of sticks’) comes to us from Portugal, home of Henry the Navigator and fine Port wine. This art, which typically employs a 5 foot (1.5m) to 6 foot (1.8m) long stick, appears to have originated largely in rural areas, particularly in the north (Minho and Trás-os-Montes), where the stick…

Fighting a longstick

Various native forms of stick fighting including: Singlestick (British) Greatstick (British) Jogo do Pau (Portuguese) Juego del Palo (Spanish) Makila (Basque) Bastone Siciliano (Sicilian) Scherma de Bastone (Italian) Stockfechten (German) La Canne (French) Bâton Français (French) Bataireacht (Irish) Shillelagh (Irish). […] Examples of arts involving longsticks include Hutton’s Greatstick, Jogo do Pau, Juego del Palo,…

Rossfechten – Mounted Fencing

Two obvious ideas are the idea of a good “seat”, and an appreciation of distance and feeling. An effective seat is essential not only for balance and stability, but also for effectively communicating with the horse. Correct posture and weight shifting keeps us balanced and in control, and gives subtle cues to the horse. The…

Interpretation in Historical Martial Arts

In the interpretation there is the danger of wishful thinking and the self-fulfilling prophecy. If an interpretation is shaped by the wish that it should convey a certain law of the art of fencing as its core, or always has a teaching content, then the interpretation in the sense of historical fencing will suffer from…

Using Feints Against Skilled Swordsmen

We have been taught that feints are a powerful tool in a fighter’s toolbox that allow us to create openings in our opponents’ defense through which we can attack. In truth, feints can be highly effective at doing that, which is why the masters gave us feints to use.  Here is an excellent example:  “The…

“Longsword Training Guide” by Hugh Knight

This book is a training guide for learning the German Longsword. It contains Formal Partner Exercises, Basic Drills, Structured Partner Drills, and much more. It is intended to be used with the author’s “Knightly Art of the Longsword” to teach the reader how to go beyond mere techniques of the art to actually learning how…

Where’s the axe in a poleaxe?

  Few terms used in the study of medieval combat are as often confused or misused as the word “pollaxe.”Partly, this is due to the fact that modern people want to apply modern rules of logic to medieval subjects, something which is not supported by actually reading what medieval men wrote.They also tend to ignore…

HEMA Weekly

What’s up in Historical Fencing Upcoming events: Nordschlag 2019 Lord Baltimore’s Challenge This week’s craftsman: Maciej Kopciuch and his “Art of Swordmaking” This week’s video: “Why were short swords sometimes better for military soldiers” by Schola Gladiatoria This week’s blogpost: Reconstruction of Historical Martial Arts on Hans Talhoffer In this summary I include not only current news, but…

Reconstruction of Historical Martial Arts

The reconstruction of a fencing piece seems to be not an easy undertaking. But in fact it is quite simple when having pictures. It gets trickier with texts, where first of all a transfer into a modern language must take place and this in several variants, if there are ambiguities of meaning. Continue reading on…

Why Were Short Swords Sometimes Better For Military Soldiers?

Why were short swords issued to some times of soldier in the era of gunpowder, rather than longer swords? Easton Antique Arms: Extra videos at Patreon:

Art of Swordmaking by Maciej Kopciuch

I’m an artist craftsman from Poland. My specialisation are medieval swords 10-15th century. I’m also a painter, sculptor, music composer, writer. Interested in medieval Arts, martial arts and crafts. My approach to swords reconstruction is to be as close as possible to this what I can see in museums. I think that the real, original…

Darkwood Armory

Medieval and Renaissance practice (blunt) fencing equipment, arms and armor – our customers are mainly SCA, HEMA and jousters. Swords, sabres, rapiers, lances, and protective gear. Website: Facebook: Darkwood Armory

Balefire Blades

Bladesmith Chris Adams and leatherworker Alicia Lewis. The offer longswords, arming swords, montante blades, rapiers, sideswords, smallswords, sabres, daggers and all leatherwork connected to them. Website: Facebook: Balefire Blades

Regenyei Armoury

Péter Regenyei „makes swords as a living history research”. He also learns and teaches in a HEMA school in Hungary. He offers modern weapons, including museum replicas and his own designs, to which the foundations are also historical. The shape and characteristics of these swords are based on historical research. Regenyei makes feders, rapiers, daggers,…

Too complicated Decision Graphs in HEMA

Decision trees are sometimes derided by practitioners of historical fencing; after all the chaos of a fencing match rarely allows the luxury of time for complex decision making, and even a relatively simple decision tree can have multiple recursive branches and layers.  As a result even a relatively sedate exchange gives precious little opportunity the…

Ask the Sword Guy 6: on tournament safety, concussion, long-term brain trauma

Today’s episode has just one question: What is your opinion on the force levels in HEMA. Especially in regards to the research into the cumulative effects of repeated sub-concussive hits to the head. It seems there are no end of people reporting broken swords or bashed in helmets and I do not believe HEMA is…

Ask the Sword Guy 5: left handers, and one-handed thrusts

Today’s episode has me talking about left-handers, and the one-handed long thrust with a longsword. Enjoy! Shownotes: Fiore Facsimile (the closest you can get to owning the manuscript): The Flower of Battle (Leoni translation) The Rapier, part Four: Sword and Dagger and Sword and Cape Workbook:

Ask the Sword Guy AMA part 4: training motivation, and knights with katanas

The shownotes for this episode: Fighting Depression Personal Update: Mental Health Learning Rapier: your free workbook video The Unconquered Knight: A Chronicle of the Deeds of Don Pero Niño, Count of Buelna Alan Williams, The Knight and the Blast Furnace Fiore Facsimile (the closest you can get to owning the manuscript) The Flower of Battle…

Ask the Sword Guy: AMA part 2

Here you go! Some rambling on training with sharps, and the ethics of martial arts… Links from this episode: Bullshit post Training with Sharp Swords: article on the CFAA blog My book Swordfighting for Writers, Game Designers, and Martial Artists My book the Theory and Practice of Historical Martial Arts My short book Ethics Enjoy!…

Ask the Sword Guy: AMA part 1

Hi yesterday I sent an AMA email out to my mailing list, and got inundated with questions. The first two are answered in this video. I hope you like the intro-outro music. If you want to put questions to me, then join the list and drop me a line!

Saber Fencing at Joinville-le-Pont, 1900-1914

The military fencing academy of Joinville-le-Pont was the most influential institution shaping French fencing in the late 19th- and early 20th century. On the streets, grounds, and in the fencing hall, officer candidates trained in personal combatives such as la boxe française, savage, lutte (wrestling), as well as imports such as English boxing and Jiu…

Terrain v. Planche: A brief history of late 19th-century fencing spaces

The original French word for fencing strip, planche (lit., plank or board), encapsulates the nature of the original strip and points at its inherent limitations, which required adaptation of the footwork by the fencers. The planche was initially conceived as an outdoors device: It could easily be placed on sand, gravel, or grass, and provide instant even ground……

DVD Review: German Medieval Martial Arts, Volume 2: Sword, Buckler & Messer

The DVD explains all the techniques in the context of a system – any technique you can do with the arming sword can be done with the messer. The buckler can be added in and is the icing on the cake. Just like their Poleax DVD, all techniques are presented in a very clear manner,…

A Sword is a Sword

Swords have been classified and organised into groups often by specific shape, function or culture. The question is what is the best method of classifying them, is it one or a combination of these methods. Burton (1987) suggests two which are common among collections being Topical and Geographical or Material and Formal, the former considers…

Sword and Shield Combat in Norse Sagas

A previous post discussed the subject with regard to treatises and the use of the sword and shield. […] The idea that the shields of this period were weak in some fashion, even though there is evidence of them being destroyed in the same saga, should not be over-stated, the shield was still used as…

Sword and Shield Treatises

In studying the idea of the use of sword and shield in the medieval period there is an issue as there is a large gap in knowledge. Studying the sword and shield in the Renaissance period is not so much of an issue as when the shield left the battlefield it found a place in…

Historical Fencing Etiquette

At the beginning of a bout the two combatants salute one another, this is a sign of respect and thanks for their presence. Any officiating staff or an official table can be saluted as well, this is also a sign of respect and thanks. Once the bout has concluded the two combatants should handshake at…

A 15th century kirtle

Read the original post and see more pics on Recreating History After two fantastic months on Iceland I’m now back in Sweden. The rest of the summer will be filled with a lot of work before my studies start again and I realised that I wouldn’t be able to go to any reenactment event this year…

Regency (and late 18th century) mitts

Read the original post on Recreating History. A while ago I made a pair of regency mitts. They were intended for an event last spring which I didn’t manage to attend as I went to Florence with my Chamber Music Orchestra instead. The mitts were the only thing of the ensemble that I managed to get…

Viking Bog Axe Tested on Boar

Thrand test an artifact Viking age bog axe head found in Novgorod, Russian on a wild Boar carcass in Forged in Fire style by doing the famous kill test of Doug Marcaida from the History Channel program. So sit back and watch the famed Historical Torslev or Torslav axe possibly an early Scandinavian ,Varangian Gaurd,…

Lindenwood Viking Shield Test

For 30% off Odin Ring at V.K.N.G Jewelry use this code :THRAND30 with this link : For 20% off other productsThis code : THRAND20 with this link : Thrand test the Historically accurate replica of a Viking age real linden wood Shield famed in the Sagas and rune poems with all Viking age…

Longbow from ArcheyBowman – Unboxing

Thrand receives a powerful English longbow from master bowyer ArcheyBowman from Ebay the man who made the 105# bow from the popular video ” Warbow / English Longbow Vs Plate, Chain Maille and Gambeson ” . Special thanks to Archeybowman on Ebay for excellent English Longbow! Special Thanks to Brad Lynn for…

Rare Indian Khasi Sword tested on Hog

Thrand tests a rare Indian Khasi sword from Medieval Shoppe Australia in the Style of the History channel program Forged in Fire He does the famous kill test from the program with the two handed Khasi sword or two handed Naga Dao. Khasi Sword Weight: 1.71 kg Overall length: 137 cm Blade length: 74…

A Visit to the 1910’s castle in Tjolöholm

Read an original post with more photos on Recreating History A couple of friends and I visited the Swedish castle of Tjolöholm for an afternoon tea in the 1910’s. They have an exhibition with some of the costumes from Downton Abbey at the moment and therefore had that theme on their afternoon tea. Me, Annette,…

Forerunners of the Fechtschule Pt I: Antiquity

The Fechtschulen or ‘Fencing Schools’ were combat sport events that purposefully emulated their historical predecessors as public spectacles attempting to maintain martial arts training traditions that date back to Ancient Greece. Some argue these Fechtschulen events for the Middle and Lower classes were pure sport and spectacle with little value […] Continue reading Forerunners of the Fechtschule…

Review: The GFFG Berbekucz Club Sword

“Now, when starting up the Gothenburg Free Fencers Guild […], we wanted to have a club sword that was as close as possible to historical originals, both in shape and characteristics, and which would fit well with the sources we study; primarily the treatises of Joachim Meyer.” Continue reading Review: The GFFG Berbekucz Club Sword on…

Maxime Chouinard

Maxime Chouinard of Kingston Irish Fighting Arts: French sources deserve to be better known

My focus is really on 18th-19th and early 20th century HEMA. What I would call “Industrial martial arts” and the remaining vernacular traditions which survived in that period. When I started HEMA, I tried to do as much as I could. Longsword, rapier, sabre, wrestling, staff, stick etc. I still think it is very useful…

Meyer Fechtshule

Lichtenauer’s Weak-Strong-Before-After-Meanwhile and also retreat in fencing

There is no general theory of when one must withdraw, either because it is tactically advantageous, or because he is in danger. This analysis is an attempt to address both of these issues, and demonstrate that they are the same question, with the same answer […] Continue reading On The Five Words and Withdrawal on…

On fencing societies and charity in the 19th century

At least as early as in the early 17th cent, fencing masters swore to care in particular for widows and orphans, as can be seen in e.g. the oaths of the fencers of the Company of Maisters of the Noble Science of Defense. And this tradition was maintained in Germany until modern time, partly as…

HEMA comic book written and illustrated by a middle school student

Goliath: Written and Illustrated By Emma King. Middle school student, historical fencer, and aspiring comic book artist. The story of a high school girl who accidentally tumbles into the world of historical fencing. Alexandria is a high school student and soccer star. When she has to leave her high school team, her world begins to…

Lillebjörn of Wisby HEMA School: I started watching Schola Gladiatoria, when my son slept

In early 2015 I moved to the island of Gotland, Sweden, and became a father more or less at the same time. During my parental leave I started watching Matt Easton’s Schola Gladiatoria videos, when my son slept. I realized that there was an academic approach in HEMA that appealed to me. I had for…

Cold Steel logo

Cold Steel

A company dedicated to making the strongest and sharpest knives. Also gear for reenactment, modern hunting, sharp weapons for HEMA and replicas of historical weapons from all over the world. Website: Facebook: Cold Steel

VB Swords - logo

VB Swordshop – Swords by Victor Berbekucz

In my workshop, I make series, and custom-designed products using traditional technology. The forging, grinding and polishing hasn’t changed significantly over the centuries; However, thanks to technical achievements, this process is greatly accelerated. (The apprentice tired faster than the hammer machine.) My products are pedominantly hand made, especially the custom-designed orders. Victor Berbekucz   Website:…

HEMA Alliance logo

HEMA Alliance Events Calendar

Calendar including plenty of Historical Europen Martial Arts events. Not all of them are supported by HEMA Alliance.  

Purpleheart Armoury logo

Purpleheart Armoury

Supplier in HEMA equipment and training weapons – mainly made of steel, despite the name. Many weapons based not only on European tradition, but also African, American and Asian. Website:

Skunks 2019 Rybnik Vectir - Fechtschule 43

Maps of HEMA clubs, club finders

Theese are places, where you can find a club or a school of Historical European Martial Arts: HEMA Alliance Club Finder Currently in BETA. Club finder is free to all clubs and study groups. Focused on US, as HEMA Alliance is an American federation Map run by Austrian club Ars Gladii Focused on Central Europe…

Primitive Bread Baking In Early America – Rye and Indian Bread

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Cutting Swords Aren’t Always Broad

Cutting Swords Aren’t Always Broad

Sword “Breaker” or Sword “Catcher”?

Tod’s reproduction of a Renaissance Sword “Breaker” or is it a ‘sword catcher’? Most likely named by the Victorians, these unusual looking daggers were actually used to catch and control an opponent’s rapier blade and so Sword “Catcher” would probably be a more accurate name. if you are interested in custom historical weapons have a…

Krieger - Historical Weapons

Krieger – Historical Weapons

Krieger – Historical Weapons Producer of swords, messers, daggers, sabres and other historical weapons. Also plenty of individual realizations. We combine the experience and knowledge of archaeologists – weapon experts, veterans of historical reenactment, adepts of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), enthusiasts of experimental archeology and craftsmen. Website: Krieger Historical Weapons Facebook: Krieger – historical…

Stick Fighting: How to Hit Someone With a Stick!

Stick Fighting: How to Hit Someone With a Stick! Looking at the variety of ways that sticks have been employed throughout history to hit people. More videos at Patreon:

How To Cut Upwards With Medieval Longsword

Longsword Cutting Upwards Exercise More video at

Seax - Kalcifer Forge

Kalcifer Forge

Married coupe – manufacturers of knives and other weapons: historical, modern and fantasy-style. Facebook page: Kuźnia Kalcifer Seax – Kalcifer Forge Bowie Knife – Kalcifer Forge Seax – Kalcifer Forge Sheepsfoot knife – Kalcifer Forge   A film about Kalcifer Forge’s owners: Adela & Igor Alagierski (English subs)

How to remove medieval arrows (and more about crescent heads)

How do you remove a medieval arrow head stuck in your body and what the heck are those crescent shaped heads for? This film shows you how to get a barbed arrow head out and explains (I think) what the curved arrow heads were for. Many thanks to Max Albertz for providing the reference for…

Six Medieval Arrow Types – What are they for?

Tod of discusses six medieval arrow head forms. How and why they were used with the English Longbow in Medieval Britain. If you are interested in medieval reproductions my commission work can be found at and my budget lines at Arrow heads discussed: Plate Cutter Needle Bodkin Barbed type 16 Leaf shape…

Medieval Baselard Daggers – 3 styles

A film discussing the Italian/English and the Swiss/German style baselard and the differences in construction. Part of this family of weapons, and the 3rd to be discussed, is the Swiss Dagen or Dolch. The two daggers are available from and the Dagen is from

Medieval Dagger Grips- how big??

Looking at medieval dagger grips; their size, shape, function and comfort using 7 daggers as example pieces for discussion. All these daggers are available from , visit my facebook page next week 21st-25th May 2019), get the code and you will get free postage anywhere in the world. If you are interested in medieval…

Medieval “BIG Knife” – The Albion-Tod Grosse Messer!

Reproduction of a Medieval/Renascence “Grosse Messer”. A style of short sword popular with civilians and soldiers in fifteenth and sixteenth century Germany. This was a damaged Albion blade, repaired and hilted by Tod. Scabbard and Belt by Tod’s Workshop. Bronze belt fittings and chape available from If you are interested in medieval replica weapons…

Gorman Wooden Waster and Training Sword Types

I take a look at the Gorman Wooden Waster (Hickory), and talk a bit about options for starting HEMA training. You can find the Gorman Wooden Waster here:

The Medieval Sword Knot

Sword knots are well known in military sabers, but it has it’s roots in the Middle Ages, lets take a brief look at the Medieval Sword Knot. Note: Putting the sword knot on this swords pommel wasn’t an option due to the odd pommel shape. It would almost always be attached at the pommel, but…

Colonial Army Rations: Beer Every Day! – Spruce Beer In Early America

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Medieval Daggers and Knives Related to Social Status

Medieval Daggers and Knives Related to Social Status

Historical Laundry Part 3: The Evolution Of The Washing Machine

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Did they have soap in medieval times?

Jason investigates medieval soap and other techniques for cleaning your hands after a long day at work. Credits: Direction, Camera, Sound, Editing Kasumi Presenter Jason Kingsley OBE Tweets by RebellionJason Tweets by ModernHistoryTV Tweets by Rebellion Music licensed from PremiumBeat.

Medieval Eating Knives Compared to Daggers and CONTEXT

Medieval Eating Knives Compared to Daggers and CONTEXT

How To Laundry Circa 1780

Special thanks to “Maggie” for sharing her expertise and knowledge with us in this wonderful laundry demonstration! Contact Carol and Frank here ➧ ➧➧ Visit Our Website! ➧ ➧➧ Help support the channel with Patreon ➧ ➧➧ Sign up for the YouTube Mailing List! ➧ ➧➧ Twitter ➧ @Jas_Townsend Facebook ➧…

Blade Restoration (Kukri Knife) With Rust Eraser Sabitoru Product

Blade Restoration (Kukri Knife) With Rust Eraser Sabitoru Product – For removing rust, heavy dirt and patina, from metal surfaces. It works really well on blade and can even be used to revitalize modern blades. Amazon UK: Amazon US:

The Nipple Shield Boss of the ‘Dark Age’ Migration Era

The Nipple Shield Boss of the ‘Dark Age’ Migration Era

Sword Makers, Edge Sharpness & Katanas

Sword Makers, Edge Sharpness & Katanas

Who Did The Laundry In The 18th Century?

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Power – How Much To Use In Weapon-Based Martial Arts?

Power – How Much To Use In Weapon-Based Martial Arts?

Neyman Fencing

A full range of equipment for Historical European Martial Arts: HEMA jackets, HEMA trousers&skirts, HEMA protectors, HEMA gloves, HEMA weapons and more. We are HEMA practioners, who constantly test our products. Through feedbacks from fencers around the globe we are improving our products and designing new ones. We travel around the world sponsoring HEMA competitions,…

How A Man Shall Be Armed: 11th Century

Discover how a Norman knight of the 11th Century would be armed for battle with the finest equipment available.  

PBT Historical Fencing

Hungarian supplier of HEMA clothing, protectors, masks, swords, gloves and bags. Website: Facebook: PBT Historical Fencing

Red Dragon Armoury

Manufacturer of Historical European Martian Arts equipment. Most of our research is conducted through the Schola Gladiatoria and Sword Forums. We have a range of high profile test groups in the UK and overseas that we constantly work with to ensure our products are fit for purpose before being launched onto the global market. Website:…

Faits d’Armes

Protective equipment and weapons for Historical European Martian Arts, medieval combat and kali. Website: Facebook: Faits d’Armes

The HEMA Shop

We carry a diverse range of products that cater to Historical European Martial Artists (HEMA), Re-enactors, Live Action Role Players (LARP), theatre groups and collectors. We are also a major supplier to the heritage industry. Our trade department supplies large organisations such as English Heritage, Historic Scotland, Historic Royal Palaces, Royal Armouries, British Museum, The…

Spes – Historical Fencing Gear

Polish gear for Historic European Martial Arts: protective gear and steel, wooden, synthetis and foam weapons. Website: Facebook news: SPES Historical Fencing Gear

Fabrica Cacti

Shop run by members of Polish “Hellas et Roma” Association. Products related to Roman Empire: olive lamps, shoes, swords, shields, clothing, knives, bags, furniture and more. Main page: Fabrica Cacti Facebook news: Fabrica Cacti

Simeon England – Everyday Living in an 18th Century Settlement

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Persian & Arab Sword – Shamshir or Saif

Persian & Arabic Sword – Shamshir or Saif

Scottish Highland Officer’s Dirk – A 74th Regiment Example & Historical Origin

Scottish Highland Officer’s Dirk – A 74th Regiment Example & Historical Origin

The South American Gaucho Knife

The South American Gaucho Knife, with Matt Easton Chiswick Auctions Arms & Armour Auction:

Indian Daggers – Katar, Bichwa and Khanjar. With Matt Easton at Chiswick Auctions.

Indian Daggers – Katar, Bichwa and Khanjar. With Matt Easton at Chiswick Auctions. Chiswick Auctions Arms, Armour & Militaria auction catalogue (29 May 2019):

Hermann Salutkanonen

We’re a small family business based in Germany (near Bonn). We are specialized on manucfaturing customized saluting cannons for museums, reenactors, collectors etc. Website: Facebook: Hermann Böller- & Salutkanonen / Salute Cannons

The History Bunker

Reproduction of military and police uniforms to the entertainment industry and the private individual. Our client list includes major movie production companies such and Warner Bros, Pinewood Studios, The BC, Universal studios and Paramount Pictures, as well as museums such as Madame Tussauds, The Imperial War Museum (London) and the Australian War Memorial. As well…

Albion Swords

Hand-made, limited edition museum-quality swordsdesigned by Swedish swordsmith, author and researcher Peter Johnsson. Website: Albion Swords Facebook news: Albion Swords Limited LLC

Battle Armoury

We are manufacturer and exporter of Armours, Helmets, Chainmails, Shields, Gauntlets etc. All of our items are hand made by artisans and craftsmen. We have 25 years experience in manufacturing. Main website: Battle Armoury Facebook news: Battle Armoury

Re-enactment Supplies

Re-enactment Supplies was founded in 2009 by Steven Davies to plug a significant gap in the UK market. All of our arms and armour are suitable for use in U.K battle re-enactments. We also purchase many of our items from companies all over the world, making sure they all conform to UK re-enactment group rules…


In our store you will find a broad range of replicas and historical reconstructions, mostly from the Medieval period. Our products are based on archeological and pictorial sources. Their quality was appreciated by many historical reenactment groups, museums and hobbyists from Poland and abroad. Among our products you will find belts and knight’s girdles, accessories…

Spes Medieval Market

At Medieval Market website we offer you articles related to medieval reenactment. To assure historical accordance of our articles, we rely on the studies of historical sources (such as well preserved medieval findings) and when they are not available (none or few examples) we use illustrations, paintings and literature from the proper period. Our offer…

Progressive community - Historically Speaking

What is a “progressive” reenactor?

I consider myself a “progressive” reenactor. The units I belong to generally label themselves as such, as do the majority of the reenactors that I consider to be my friends. There’s been a lot of talk in the last few days about the progressive side of the hobby, and I felt that I should probably…

Beef Stew For The Middle Class

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The Quintessential British Soldier Kit

For more information on the 17th, click here ➧ ➧➧ For more information on Fort Frederick, click here ➧ ➧➧ Visit Our Website! ➧ ➧➧ Help support the channel with Patreon ➧ ➧➧ Sign up for the YouTube Mailing List! ➧ ➧➧ Twitter ➧ @Jas_Townsend Facebook ➧ Instagram ➧…

Boiled Pudding: Not Just for the English

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