Battling the Wafer Iron! – Christmas Wafers From 1723

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160lbs Longbow vs 860lbs Crossbow – Speed and Accuracy Test

Shooting a HEAVY medieval longbow against a HEAVY medieval crossbow to look at the speed of shooting and the level of accuracy each of these classic weapons can achieve. How many shots will the longbow get off against the crossbow? Which is more accurate? These trials are very set around a chat between Joe Gibbs,…

The illusion of “good” equipment

When we learn and train Historical Martial Arts, we must be aware of some traps we may fall in. In a small series of articles I will point out some of the pitfalls in learning historical fencing. Being warned of traps helps us to avoid them or disarm them. These articles will aid instructores and…

Sailor Rations – Stockfish Aboard Ship

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