best practices for reenactors

Best Practices for Reenactors

I like to think that I tend to hang out with a pretty on-the-ball group of reenactors, no matter what period I’m doing.  This hobby means a lot to me, and I’m always trying to help new reenactors start out on the right foot, and good reenactors to become even better reenactors.  With that in…

Sidesword everett - Armour Class

Armour Class

Iain Bowden, swordsmith at Armour Class, started the company in Glasgow, Scotland over 20 years ago and produces swords and matching leather work for re-enactment, HEMA, museums, films and collections. Swords are made of EN45 and manufactured in Scotland. Official website: Facebook page: Tel.: +44-(0)-0141-951-2262 Email: