The Roman Spear and Shield used together – Triarii

The Roman shield (scutum) is most famously paired with the sword (gladius), but they were commonly paired with the spear in the earlier and later periods. Here we have a little look at the Roman shield and spear used together.

Roman Mainz Gladius By Dynasty Forge – Review

Looking at the Mainz Gladius (Roman Sword) replica by Dynasty Forge. Product: Dynasty Forge direct: The Knight Shop:

Roman ‘Scutum’ Shield From Fabrica Cacti – First Look

A first look at the great training shields (Roman scutum) from Fabrica Cacti. The Roman scutum is probably the most important weapon in understanding the Roman Army’s battle tactics. Fabrica Cacti: Extra videos on Patreon:

Testing early iron age Vimose Seax

Thrand test the early seax from Medieval Shoppe based on the Vimose bog on Funen, Denmark finds from 200 to 300 AD. This early iron age design was used against the Romans by the Germanic tribes and is tested on an analog gel head like the Forged in Fire kill test! Thrand also gives update…

86 Early Medieval Skeletons Unearthed from Hidden Graveyard in Wales

During 2016, construction of a new road to connect a local highway with Coleg Menai’s Pencraig Campus in Anglesey, Wales, revealed the remains of 54 people dating to the early medieval period, approximately A.D. 800. Then, in 2017, an additional 32 individuals were uncovered nearby; bones and objects from this location dated to around A.D. 400. Continue…

Roman Gladius Sword Dual Wield

Did the Romans ever dual-wield their gladius swords, as seen in movies like Gladiator or TV shows like Spartacus? Looking at Roman weapons of war, as well as the equipment of the dimachaerus. Extra videos on Patreon: