19th Century Weekly

What’s up in Reenactment of 1789-1914 Event reports: Reenactment of Battle of Austerlitz 30 Nov 2019 The battle of Arcole reenactment – November 2019 This week’s craftsman: C&D Jarnagin This week’s videos: Building Log Cabin Walls Spies, Espionage, And Secret Writing In 1770’s Rifle vs Musket Maybe spadroons were perfect swords in their time Sword…

Soldier’s Weekly

What’s up in WWII Reenactment Event reports: WWII battle reenactment – downtown Waxahachie, Texas This week’s videos: WW2 REENACTMENT LIFE WHAT IT’S LIKE How to make your digital WW2 reenactment photos look more authentic! Small film studio making good WW2 movie WW2 German Tornister, Restoration This week’s craftsman: www.sovietmilitarystuff.com If you want to appear in…

Knight’s Weekly

What’s up in Middle Ages Reenactment Upcoming events:  8. Erstürmung des mittelalterlichen Weihnachtsmarktes El Dragón Dorado Noc válečníků 17 Event report: Medieval Battle, kingdom come deliverance IRL, reenactment, Battle of Mästerby, gotland sweden 2019 Sarasota Medieval Fair 2019 – Let the Dangerous Games begin! Opening Day – Full Tour & Review This week’s craftsman: GoHurt…

Viking’s Weekly

What’s up in Early Medieval Reenactment Upcoming events: Yule 2019 – grand camp privé du solstice d’hiver, venez nombreux Event reports: Viking Warriors Re-enactment | Walsworth Festival 2019 | WryngWyrm Gippeswyc viking festival 2019 This week’s craftsman: Kram Liwocz This week’s videos: Viking Age Forged in Fire Competition Dane Axe vs Cavalry? Gallowglass Donegal Axe…

The Roman Spear and Shield used together – Triarii

The Roman shield (scutum) is most famously paired with the sword (gladius), but they were commonly paired with the spear in the earlier and later periods. Here we have a little look at the Roman shield and spear used together.

Roman Mainz Gladius By Dynasty Forge – Review

Looking at the Mainz Gladius (Roman Sword) replica by Dynasty Forge. Product: Dynasty Forge direct: https://www.dynastyforge.com/swords/european_arms/swords/roman_mainz_gladius/ The Knight Shop: https://www.theknightshop.com/dynasty-forge-roman-mainz-gladius

Roman ‘Scutum’ Shield From Fabrica Cacti – First Look

A first look at the great training shields (Roman scutum) from Fabrica Cacti. The Roman scutum is probably the most important weapon in understanding the Roman Army’s battle tactics. Fabrica Cacti: https://www.facebook.com/FabricaCacti/ Extra videos on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/scholagladiatoria

Soldier’s Weekly

What’s up in WWII Reenactment Upcoming events:  RAF Museum London: Battle Of Britain Day Eastleigh Remembers Grassington 1940s weekend Event reports: D-Day Reenactment Battle of Asch by History Secrets Conneaut WWII Reenactment This week’s craftsman: Fort Military Institute If you want to appear in next Soldier’s Weekly – don’t hesitate to write! Become a Patron!