Medieval Helmets: The Hounskull or ‘Pig-Faced’ Bascinet c.1400

The hounskull or ‘pig-faced’ bascinet was incredibly popular right across Europe between about 1380 and 1420. Here we have a look at a good quality replica and consider some aspects of the design of this great medieval helmet.


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Soviet military stuff

Soviet military stuff offers wide assortment of different military stuff like Ushanka hats, Afghanistan hats, military Berets and Caps, Pilotka hats, General and Admiral caps, USSR hat badges, Soviet winter uniforms and summer uniforms, boots, belts and accessories, tactical uniforms, camouflage uniforms warm hats with a mask and gloves and of course a lot of…

ARROWS vs ARMOUR – Medieval Myth Busting reply on St. Cripin’s Day!

Thrand test historical English Longbows / warbows on Historical plate and maille armour in honour of the battle of Agincourt1415 Oct 25th St. Crispin’s Day! This is a reply to Tod’s Workshop ARROWS vs ARMOUR Medieval Myth Busting one of the best Plate harness test to date on 15th century armour. Thrand uses Two longsbows…

Arrows vs Armour – What YOU had to say…

Medieval Mythbusting – Your Questions Answered. We received a LOT of comments on our ARROWS vs ARMOUR video, so this is a video to answer some of those questions. We look at the armour quality and steel, the arrows and heads and how they were constructed, the English longbow and how it was shot, blunt…

Roman ‘Scutum’ Shield From Fabrica Cacti – First Look

A first look at the great training shields (Roman scutum) from Fabrica Cacti. The Roman scutum is probably the most important weapon in understanding the Roman Army’s battle tactics. Fabrica Cacti: Extra videos on Patreon:

Medieval Battlefield Sword Fighting Vs Regular HEMA Sparring

In HEMA we primarily focus on sword fighting in regular clothes, but we have to recognise that this mostly applies to civilian duels. Not to say that the skills are not fundamentally related, but armor changes so much about combat.

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