Medieval Battle Axes! with Thor’s Forge 14th Century Replica

Battle axes, of the one-handed variety, were popular from the Viking era onwards, but with the addition of rear spikes and other adaptations they saw a resurgence of popularity in the heavily armoured periods of the middle ages, particularly from the 13th century. Thor’s Forge:

Conserving Mail Armour with Scarlett Parry

Scarlett Parry discusses her time here at the Royal Armouries Museum and her experiences conserving the arms and armour in our collection, looking specifically at her work on mail shirts. Subscribe to our channel for more videos about arms and armour ⚔Website: ⚔Blog: ⚔Facebook: ⚔Twitter: We are the Royal Armouries, the…

Viking’s Weekly

What’s up in Early Medieval Reenactment Upcoming events: Yule 2019 – grand camp privé du solstice d’hiver, venez nombreux Event reports: Viking Warriors Re-enactment | Walsworth Festival 2019 | WryngWyrm Gippeswyc viking festival 2019 This week’s craftsman: Kram Liwocz This week’s videos: Viking Age Forged in Fire Competition Dane Axe vs Cavalry? Gallowglass Donegal Axe…

Viking Age Forged in Fire Competition @ Asfolk : The Seax

Thrand Travels to Asfolk Viking Martial Arts a HEMA and living history group in Eagan Minnesota to judge a Viking forged in fire style competition to build the famed historical seax or sax knife. The entire competition is done with Viking age or period tools such as tongs, anvils and hammers plus on the very…

Gallowglass Donegal Axe, Arms & Armor

Thrand interviews Craig Johnson at arms and armor in Minneapolis Minnesota with Dimicator or Roland Warzecha. Thrand recently did a Live feed and was asked about the Donegal axe from the Museum in Dublin Ireland so this is the exciting follow up.