Roman Gladiator Helmets, Shields, Armour & Combat

Looking how Roman gladiator equipment, specifically the helmets, shields and armour, hugely dictated the combat style and level of protection. Previous video on gladiator types: Schola Gladiatoria HEMA – sword fighting classes in the UK: Channel support and 3 extra videos per month on Patreon: Facebook & Twitter updates, info and fun:…

Henry VIII’s buckler from the Musée de l’Armée

Olivier Renaudeau, a curator from the Musée de l’Armée in Paris, looks at a royal buckler belonging to Henry VIII of England. Over five episodes Olivier explores objects in their collection related to the Field of the Cloth of Gold. The Royal Armouries had planned to feature the objects in our exhibition in Leeds. These…

Steel Buckler Shield Fully Tested and Reviewed

Thrand test and reviews the Large Buckler Shield from Medeival Shoppe Australia. Thrand uses it in medieval combat and hits it with real medieval weaponry. Special Thanks to the SCA Shire of Seawinds and Marcus, Matthew Price and Lord Owen Longstrider. Plus special thanks to Chris Barker for GOLDEN AXE – METAL GUITAR MEDLEY Large…

The Roman Spear and Shield used together – Triarii

The Roman shield (scutum) is most famously paired with the sword (gladius), but they were commonly paired with the spear in the earlier and later periods. Here we have a little look at the Roman shield and spear used together.


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Viking vs Dervish: Similarities of Weapons

Separated by 1000 years and thousands of miles, at first sight there isn’t much to compare between the Beja warriors of the Sudan and the warriors of early-medieval Scandinavia known as vikings. But there are some similarities in the weapons they used. Extra videos on Patreon:

Roman ‘Scutum’ Shield From Fabrica Cacti – First Look

A first look at the great training shields (Roman scutum) from Fabrica Cacti. The Roman scutum is probably the most important weapon in understanding the Roman Army’s battle tactics. Fabrica Cacti: Extra videos on Patreon: