Military Sword / Sabre Replicas – Are There Any Good Ones? Plus Advice On Making Them.

I OFTEN get asked about where to get good quality replica military swords and sabres. People ask about Cold Steel swords, Deepeeka, Universal Swords and others. My advice has been the same for the last several years, because no new products have come onto the market to change my advice. In this video I summarise…

Left-Handed Sword Fighting, Hilt Symmetry & British 1796 Pattern Swords

Bringing together a few related topics – the British 1796 pattern swords, left-handed swordsmen and hilt balance, or symmetry. Channel support and 3 extra videos per month on Patreon: Facebook & Twitter updates, info and fun: Tweets by scholagladiato1 Matt Easton’s website and services: Easton Antique Arms:

Prussian M1811 ‘Blücher’ Sabre vs British 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre

The Prussian M1811 ‘Blücher’ sabre is often mistaken for the British 1796 light cavalry sabre. Here we take a look at the Prussian sword and see why Napoleon called the British a ‘nation of shop keepers’. Extra videos on Patreon: