Roman Gladius Sword Dual Wield

Did the Romans ever dual-wield their gladius swords, as seen in movies like Gladiator or TV shows like Spartacus? Looking at Roman weapons of war, as well as the equipment of the dimachaerus. Extra videos on Patreon:

How Much Did Things Cost In The 1700’s? – Live From the Nutmeg Tavern!

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Handmade Wooden Bowl On A Foot-Powered Lathe

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Latchet Crossbow – rapid fire historical crossbow

This style of crossbow was popular in Northern England and Southern Scotland around 1600 and was reputedly used by Border Reivers as a self defence weapon. 280lbs draw weight lever action crossbow giving a rate of ‘fire’ of one every 10 seconds. If you are interested in custom historical replicas have a look at…

Knight’s Weekly

What’s up in Middle Ages Reenactment Upcoming events:  2nd Tournament by the Cisy Castle 8th Tournament in the Siewierz Castle Battle Of Shrewsbury Medieval Weekend Arbalestrie de siège Fête Historique et Medievale de Leuc Fête médiévale d’Enghien 2019 Fête médiévale de grand champ Past events: Siege of Malbork Torneo dij Cossot Tournoi de béhourd 2019…