Medieval Sword Books & Research – Oakeshott

Records of the Medieval Sword: Ewart Oakeshott’s books on medieval swords have yet to be surpassed, but it is really time that they are! Oakeshott created a great legacy and some people are leading some great research, but I’d really like to see some of this published in books soon.

Frontier Comfort Food In The Cabin – 18th Century Welsh Rabbit

The is the first official cooking episode in the cabin! It’s so exciting to finally be able to use this new location. Hope you enjoy this delicious comfort food. Perfect for the cold weather. Visit Our Website! ➧ ➧➧ Help support the channel with Patreon ➧ ➧➧ Facebook ➧ Instagram ➧ townsends_official

Napoleonic British Spadroons: Was the 1796 an IMPROVEMENT on what went before?

The British Army 1796 pattern spadroon (infantry officer’s sword) is often criticized, but how did it differ to what went before and was it worse, or actually an improvement? Extra videos on Patreon:

AGINCOURT – Medieval Myth Busting

We know a great deal about the Battle of Agincourt; but is what we know true? The battle of Agincourt has been depicted in plays, literature and films for generations. Each re-telling adding another layer to the myths, Laurence Olivier, Kenneth Branagh and most recently, 2019 The King, starring Timothée Chalamet. The Battle of Agincourt…

Secrets of medieval fire lighting in the winter forest

In the medieval era, most people would take a hot coal from the neighbour’s fire to get theirs going when it went out. But what about foresters, outlaws, poachers, charcoal burners and other woodsmen? Well, flint and steel firelighting was the method used for hundreds, if not thousands of years (Otzi). It may be that…