Conserving Mail Armour with Scarlett Parry

Scarlett Parry discusses her time here at the Royal Armouries Museum and her experiences conserving the arms and armour in our collection, looking specifically at her work on mail shirts. Subscribe to our channel for more videos about arms and armour ⚔Website: ⚔Blog: ⚔Facebook: ⚔Twitter: We are the Royal Armouries, the…

Battling the Wafer Iron! – Christmas Wafers From 1723

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Ask the Sword Guy episode 9-14

On Solo Training, and training with disabilities   Germans v Italians   Rapier dimensions, asymmetry, preparing for freeplay   Knights, katanas (again!), HMB, and a pattern welded longsword   What to do with a Million Dollars, training for Freeplay, et al   On Tournaments and other topics.

Medieval Weapons: The Pollaxe (AKA Poleaxe)

The medieval pollaxe (or poleaxe) is a very important weapon which reached peak popularity in 15th century Europe. It is optimized for armored combat and is as complex as the longsword in its construction and techniques of use. It can be found in many medieval fighting treatises. RELATED VIDEOS:

How to avoid traffic accidents in medieval times

Jason discusses crotal bells and the sounds of the medieval landscape and experiments to find out how it might have helped medieval road safety. Credits: Ghost Direction, Camera, Sound, Editing Kasumi Presenter Jason Kingsley OBE Tweets by RebellionJason Tweets by ModernHistoryTV Tweets by Rebellion Music licensed from PremiumBeat.

16th Century Sporting Crossbow with Cranequin

A film looking at a very late 16th – 17thC sporting or hunting crossbow spanned using an open case cranequin. The bow draws around 550 – 600lbs and has a holly stock with bone and horn detailing. If you are interested in custom work and crossbows look at If you are interested in budget…

Medieval Helmets: The Hounskull or ‘Pig-Faced’ Bascinet c.1400

The hounskull or ‘pig-faced’ bascinet was incredibly popular right across Europe between about 1380 and 1420. Here we have a look at a good quality replica and consider some aspects of the design of this great medieval helmet.