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In my workshop, I make series, and custom-designed products using traditional technology. The forging, grinding and polishing hasn’t changed significantly over the centuries; However, thanks to technical achievements, this process is greatly accelerated. (The apprentice tired faster than the hammer machine.) My products are pedominantly hand made, especially the custom-designed orders. Victor Berbekucz   Website:…

Primitive Bread Baking In Early America – Rye and Indian Bread

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Sword “Breaker” or Sword “Catcher”?

Tod’s reproduction of a Renaissance Sword “Breaker” or is it a ‘sword catcher’? Most likely named by the Victorians, these unusual looking daggers were actually used to catch and control an opponent’s rapier blade and so Sword “Catcher” would probably be a more accurate name. if you are interested in custom historical weapons have a…

Krieger - Historical Weapons

Krieger – Historical Weapons

Krieger – Historical Weapons Producer of swords, messers, daggers, sabres and other historical weapons. Also plenty of individual realizations. We combine the experience and knowledge of archaeologists – weapon experts, veterans of historical reenactment, adepts of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), enthusiasts of experimental archeology and craftsmen. Website: Krieger Historical Weapons Facebook: Krieger – historical…

Seax - Kalcifer Forge

Kalcifer Forge

Married coupe – manufacturers of knives and other weapons: historical, modern and fantasy-style. Facebook page: Kuźnia Kalcifer Seax – Kalcifer Forge Bowie Knife – Kalcifer Forge Seax – Kalcifer Forge Sheepsfoot knife – Kalcifer Forge   A film about Kalcifer Forge’s owners: Adela & Igor Alagierski (English subs)